Happy Everyday Designs was
founded in 2016.

Happy Everyday Designs started as a hobby etsy shop, where I would post my craft projects for sale. I started off selling items like t-shirt quilt blankets, custom bottle cap keychains, and rhinestone graduation cap toppers.

When I got engaged in 2018, I decided to make myself a pearl embellished custom jean jacket to wear while dress shopping. On that day, my family and I visited 3 separate salons. At each location, I received compliments on my jacket from other brides who were also out looking.

At the final shop of the day, I met a bride who, as the bride put it, was "obsessed" with my jacket. She was floored to learn that I had made it myself and was insistent that she needed to have one. I agreed to post the jacket on my Etsy page and the rest is history.

Since then I've been focused on helping brides (and grooms) with all their custom bridal needs.

Why "Happy Everyday Designs"? The phrase Happy Everyday comes from my late grandmother, Nancy.  My Grandma Nancy used to tell me that I should have a Happy Everyday.

Special occasions weren't to be celebrated as a rare occurrence, rather she would encourage me to have a Happy Everyday, all days. All birthday cakes and cards addressed to my Grandma would be signed "Happy Everyday" as opposed to Happy Birthday.

While a wedding is a HUGE milestone and exciting time, Happy Everyday Designs is my little reminder to everyone to celebrate and find the good in every day like my Grandma Nancy would. I know my Grandma would be incredibly proud of the success of the company and I hope every bride who sports a custom item feels just as fabulous as my Grandma Nancy was.

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Review from a real customer :

“This jacket was absolutely beautiful! Jessie was so responsive and quick to ship it out to me considering I waited last minute to order. This will definitely be my go to gift for my girls!”

Nayah  —  on March 17th, 2021
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